Curtain panels

For those looking for irregular window coverings and solutions for dividing space.

Curtain panels are an intermediate option between curtain and vertical blinds. You have an option of combining several textures or shades in a single set.

Advantages of curtain panels

  • We recommend them for dividing spaces, ensuring privacy, and decorating large windows;
  • Suitable for both office areas and home interiors;
  • Wide range of textures, colours, and shades;
  • You may combine one or several fabrics with different shades;
  • It is technically possible to produce a screen with two, three, four, or five sliding ribbons.

Technical specifications of curtain panels

Installation options:

  • In the window niche;
  • On the wall;
  • To the ceiling.
  • White fittings;
  • A long-lasting mechanism, with the rail made from sturdy aluminium and powder coated;
  • Regulated using a string or an electric mechanism;
  • The width of a curtain panel may range from 70 cm to 580 cm.

Did you know that…

The same fabric can be used for making a curtain panel, Roman blinds, or roller blinds.

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Curtain panels gallery

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