Roman blinds

Roman blinds are intended for those who care about functionality, design fashion trends, and the interior and cosiness of their homes no less than about their security. In contemporary interiors in not only public-function but also private buildings, ordinary curtains are replaced by beautifully-looking and convenient-to-use Roman blinds.

Roman blinds

  • Roman blinds are curtains which, when drawn up, gather into folds;
  • Depending on the selected fabric, Roman blinds can be used for:
  • Darkening the room;
  • Maintaining privacy;
  • As an integral part of the interior.
  • Wide range of textures, colours, and shades;
  • Roman blinds can be adapted to windows, walls, and ceilings of all types;
  • In the case of hinged windows, we recommend installing your Roman blinds above the niche or selecting roller blinds from the same fabric.

Technical specifications of Roman blinds

Installation options:

  • In the window niche;
  • On the wall;
  • To the ceiling.
  • Our range of fabrics includes:
  • Fabrics for darkening the room and increasing privacy;
  • For supplementing integral parts of the interior;
  • Regulation options: a chain or a string.
  • A possibility to fixate blinds at a desired height;
  • The height of the area that is covered by Roman blinds when drawn up is 25 to 30 cm.

Did you know that…

The same fabric can be used for making both Roman blinds and roller blinds. You may adjust the height of folds depending on the room and the place of installation.

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