Venetian wooden blinds

Design with heart

To look at the outside world through the age-old texture of wood makes us feel “at home” all the time. A home that is both cosy and modern. Within a moment, the room comes to life: it takes on nuances and facets, enriched by surprising and sensations.

A touch of luxury and elegance to an interior.

Products from natural wood create an impression of a classical world. Venetian wooden blinds imbue interiors with luxurious elegance and subtly blend into the space of the room. Venetian wooden blinds offer a wide range of solutions to your most important window decoration challenges.

Venetian wooden blinds

  • Products from natural wood;
  • Imbues interiors with luxury and elegance;
  • Ensure privacy;
  • Regulate the intensity of the light;
  • Allows you to direct the light either to the ceiling or the floor;
  • Deflects harmful UV rays;
  • A wide range of colours of mechanisms and slats; (link to the colour palette)
  • Ribbon types: even surface or surface with imitated woodworm trails.
  • A possibility to create combinations of ribbon colours and imbue the room with playfulness.

Technical specifications of venetian wooden blinds

Window blind slats are coated with three layers of paint and varnish, with primer on the first, paint on the second, and varnish on the third. The layer of varnish protects slats against UV rays of the sun;

  • Wooden blinds are made of 25 mm to 50 mm wide wooden slats;
  • Regulation options: a stick and/or a string.
  • In exceptional cases, blinds can be controlled via electric mechanisms.
  • A possibility to fixate blinds at a desired height.
  • Adaptable to hinged and openable windows (only with 25 mm wide slats)

Did you know that…

  • Slats of these blinds are made of natural wood and are therefore not recommended for kitchen, bathroom, or sauna areas.
  • Due to temperature variation it is not recommended to install these louver blinds above a radiator.
  • Due to their construction (even when closed), the louver blinds do not darken the room completely, because slats do not connect perfectly.

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