Mosquito nets


Mosquito nets prevent mosquitos from getting into the room through windows and doors.

It acts as a filter, keeping pollens and mosquitos safely out.

Mosquito nets

  • Nets are used to prevent mosquitos from entering the room through windows and doors;
  • When anti-allergic fabrics are used, the net not only protects against mosquitos, but also reduces pollen intrusion into the premises and reduces indoor allergens;
  • The supporting construction is made of aluminium, is corrosion resistant and long-lasting;
  • With a net on your window, you can keep it open and be sure that no mosquitos get in and keep the air fresh inside.

Technical specifications

Types of nets:

  • Net-frame;
  • Net-roller blinds;
  • Net-door.
  • The anti-allergic net is black, which may partly darken the room.
  • The frame of the net features a stable and sturdy construction. Profiles in the supporting construction of the product  keep the net tightly stretched through the entire area of the frame;
  • Installation of the net does not damage the window or doors;
  • The net can be installed on the window frame (using magnets) or on the bright side of the window post (using hooks);
  • Available colours of the supporting construction of the net are white, brown, or wood imitation;
  • Net colour: the usual colour of the net fabric is grey, but such net does not reduce the amount of light the glass gets and is translucent.

Anti-allergic mosquito nets allow reducing the amount of allergens in the room, thus increasing the comfort of people with allergies.

For windows:

  • Max. width – 1600 mm
  • Max. height- 2400 mm

For doors:

  • Max. width - 2500 mm
  • Max. height - 2600 mm


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