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Dextera garage doors are widely used for the construction of cottages, garages and parking lots. There are a number of advantages of sectional doors: usability, reliability and safety, good sealing of opening and excellent thermal insulation.

Sectional door leaf consists of several sections loosely joined with steel hinges. Moving over the track profiles the door leaf moves from the vertical (closed) position to the horizontal (open) position under the ceiling. Such a path of motion of the door leaf allows to keep the opening dimensions, save space both in front of the door and inside the garage.

Dextera garage doors ensure safe operation for every family member. The doors comply with European Union directives regarding the product safety, as confirmed by test protocols. The protocols allow to mark Dextera doors with CE label.

Use of energy efficient panels and sealing of the entire perimeter of the door ensure appropriate temperature inside the garage.

Garage Doors Control Types

Sectional doors can be easily opened or closed manually, since their weight is compensated by spring assembly. To lift Dextera garage doors it is enough to apply the force of max. 150N (≈ 15 kg).

Garage doors are equipped with an electric drive therefore providing extra comfort in doors control. Automated garage doors equipped with remote control are easily controlled from the car. It is especially convenient in a nasty weather – rain or snow. To open the doors you should only press a button.

The life cycle of Dextera doors is designed for 25,000 raise/descent cycles, which approximately corresponds to 17 years of operation (4 raise/descent actions daily throughout the entire period).


The construction of Dextera sandwich-panels 45 mm thick ensures high resistance to wind and impact loads:

1. Both outer and inner steel sheets of the sandwich panel are interconnected in the top and bottom of panel. This eliminates separation of the panel while heated in the sun which is essential for the South regions and for the doors of dark colors;

2. The panels configuration ensures their self-centering. It guarantees close adjoining of the panels to each other, increases their tightness and thermal insulation. It significantly facilitates the installation and eliminates errors while the assembling of door leaf.

3. Attaching points of self-tapping screws are located in the junction area of external and internal sheets (4 metal layers). It makes the fastening stronger which completely excludes slackening and distortion of hinges. Sound interconnection of steel sheets makes impossible the separation of panels in case of sudden lowering of the door.

Dextera garage doors design completely conforms with the requirements of European safety standards EN 12604 and EN12453:

  • sandwich panel design ensures protection against finger jamming;
  • reliable protection against snagging and cutting of clothing or hands is ensured through absence of sharp edges of the constructive elements and placement of the cable between vertical track profile and door leaf;
  • design of track profiles and rollers eliminates door leaf bounce;
  • automated garage doors are equipped with special safety system. In case of contact of sectional door with an obstacle it will be fully stopped automatically. This system also prevents a man from being lifted while the opening of the doors;
  • In cases of power cutoff there is a system that switches up the automated doors to manual mode of operation.

vieta_pagrHigh sound-insulationSound insulation of Dextera sectional doors is 21dB (EN ISO 717-1).
vieta_pagrAir permeabilityAir permeability of Dextera sectional doors conforms to (EN 12426).
vieta_pagrResistance to water penetrationResistance to water penetration of Dextera sectional doors is 50 Pa, that conforms to Class 2 (EN 12425).
vieta_pagrMaximum wind resistanceResistance of Dextera doors to wind loads is 1000 pascal that conforms to the highest Class 4 (by EN 12424).

Sectional garage door types

Classic Garage Door

Maximum size of this type of doors is 6000 x 3085 mm.

Leaf balancing is achieved by torsion springs located above the door leaf.

Design features:


  1. When connecting two parts of a shaft, adjustable connecting coupler enables to turn them against each other providing an equal cable rope tension.
  2. Each torsion spring is fitted out by a special device (spring break device) which stops the door leaf in case of spring breakage preventing it from falling. Spring break devices are supplied without a price surcharge.
  3. Intermediate hinges of special shape have high strength characteristics, providing reliable connection of doors panels. Moreover, these hinges are made of stainless steel and have high anti-corrosion features.
  4. The door construction includes adjustable roller brackets. The brackets allow to adjust the level of adjoining of sandwich panels to the opening, thus providing additional thermal and sound insulation of the door. Roller brackets are made of high anticorrosion materials (stainless steel and aluminum). These materials are not subject to corrosion, that ensures reliable operation of sectional doors throughout the life-time.
  5. Sectional doors are fitted out by polymeric rubber seals along their perimeter. Together with track profiles the seals provide reliable draft proofing of a passage.

Mounting types

There are three types of garage doors mounting (low, standard, and high) which allow to install Classic garage doors almost in every opening.

vieta_pagr Standart mounting

vieta_pagr Low mounting

vieta_pagr High mounting

To mount Classic garage doors the headroom height should be not less than 100 mm for manual control, and 125 mm for electric drive control.

Standard Garage Door

vieta_pagrThe maximum size of such a gate 3500 x 3085 mm.

Maximum size for Standard garage doors is: width – 3,500 mm, height – 3,085 mm.

A distinctive feature of this type of doors is that leaf balancing is achieved by tension springs. Tension springs ensure easiness of the door movement and prevent their spontaneous lowering.

The tension springs in the Standard type of doors are located between the door leaf and vertical tracks, two on each side.

Use of this type of springs significantly reduces mounting time. The door mounting process usually takes 2.5 – 3 hours from the start of mounting to the moment when the product is accepted by the customer.

Sectional doors of the Standard type can be mounted almost in every garage opening. A 100 mm headroom height is required for their mounting, which is very convenient in case when old iron hinged doors are replaced by up-to-date Dextera sectional doors.


  1. The “spring-in-spring” assembly provides additional safety to the doors. This system ensures protection against a spring back (spring release from the tracks) if one of the springs is damaged. The unique fixing method is protected by a patent.
  2. Roller brackets design enables reliable and convenient adjustment of door leaf pressure onto a passage. The brackets guarantee better thermal and sound insulation, as well as protection from weathering.
  3. A convenient system for adjusting the springs’ tension. The tension of springs can be increased or decreased while mounting or during subsequent doors usage. Thanks to it a door service does not require a lot of time and costs.
  4. Hidden mounting of end profiles makes a door more attractive. Sealing around the perimeter of a sectional door provides reliable draft proofing of an opening.


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